About Us


Timzstudio designs and develops quality websites to fulfill your needs, and even your wants.

We believe that a website should truly represent your company, brand or interest just like any other venture that you would take. With the Internet becoming an ever-more integral part of our lives, having an online presence has become a necessity.

Our Creations

Visually appealing designs, modern and sleek user-interfaces, friendly site-navigation and a solid development framework are just some of the things that we do to enhance your online presence.

With the large and ever growing number of websites that come and go, we believe in creating websites that will have a positive lasting impression upon your visitors.

On to you

The client wishes are important to us here at Timzstudio, and we take your opinions seriously while we go on about our work at designing and developing websites. This adds on to the uniqueness and the x-factor of the websites that we create, because we believe that it should represent your vision with our creatives.

Share the same thoughts as us? Drop us a line at service@timzstudio.com or use our contact form to reach us.