Getting your website visible to Search Engines

Interested in Web Marketing and getting your website highly visible to Search Engines? Search Engine Optimization helps by letting search engines find your website through relevant searches.

What do we mean by relevant searches?

There are specific keywords that you would identify your website with or would want people to relate it with your website. For example, Timzstudio would want “Web Design”, “Web Development” to be keywords associated with us so that our visitors can find us if they are searching for just that. Imagine if people couldn’t find what they were looking for online.

Just putting in content about the relevant field will not make your website visible and search engine friendly. You have to optimize what Search Engines look for, HTML Tags. This includes title tags, meta tags and almost the whole structure of your content including formatting tags.

Problems getting listed on Search Engines

A note with search engines is that they tend to penalize your website if the tags and structure are not properly in place. Duplicate content, content that is too long or too short and the likes all play a part in this. This is often the reason why some websites do not appear as they should on Search Engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo!

Sounds scary? Well no need to worry if your website was done by us. We do the standard Search Engine Optimization relevant to your website’s main content. This will not ensure that you get the first page rankings for highly-competitive fields (contact us if you need Web Marketing – its more work but worth it if that traffic pays off) but it will definitely show up if its specific to the user search.

Well after all that hard work in Search Engine Optimization, Google will most probably pick up your website. Yahoo! and Bing might pick it up. To play it safe, we submit our website to their search engines so that they can start crawling.

Submitting your website to relevant Search Engines will start the ball rolling for users to pick up your website through Search Engines.