How can Facebook help my website?

Facebook has become a world-wide phenomenal trend. The current statistics would probably leave us quite amazed (why I do not include it is most probably due to the fact that the figures would have increased by quite a fair bit ) .

We understand that people love Facebook, so let us see how Facebook can help your website, be it an online store, web service, business, community site or personal page.

Facebook can boost your website’s search engine page ranking (SERP) – fact or fiction?

Facebook Pages are ranked quite highly on Google (the most popular search engine). If you have a Facebook page, congratulations. You have just earned a referral source to your website, in other words, more traffic. However, its not just as simple as that … to the next point

Facebook Pages can increase traffic to your website

Facebook is great as a tool to reach out to visitors due to its ‘social’ nature. Users like the interactive features that go along with Facebook – share, comment, discuss, along with the other functions. Furthermore, they are regularly updated through Facebook’s platform about your site news and updates.However. its effectiveness is dependent on how you integrate Facebook into your website and whether people are attracted to it.

  • Integration of Facebook “likes”, “comments” and other social plugins help generate user-interaction
  • Filling your Facebook pages with relevant information, updated news and hot discussions

Facebook Applications – What are they and how can it relate to my website?

Facebook Applications are web applications that are integrated into Facebook – meaning that they are empowered with Facebook’s social networking functions. This means that a simple web application can be transformed into something bigger due to the ability of Facebook Applications to connect users.Also, this makes it very attractive if your website is one that has a huge visitor base and of which many like the Facebook Platform.

There a quite a few plus points like:

  • Facebook Apps on the go (mobile devices can connect easily to Facebook)
  • Facebook users like to stay connected to their social networks (using your app while still being connected to Facebook) and not to mention the publicity your app gets due to Facebook shares, news feeds and so onDouble the effectiveness of your web applications by integrating it with Facebook in order to reach out to a larger audience.

Facebook has its benefits – definitely. Its a great tool that will become your friend if you utilize it well. Of course, Facebook-ing is not a substitute for a great website (good design, user friendliness, unique content) but rather a superb complement. If you have both, then your website is on the path to success.

We know that social media is not all that easy and involves hard work – you can count on us to help you on the right track.