Should you use HTML5 or Flash?

The hype from HTML 5’s introduction is dying down, and the question is, Should you be using HTML 5 or sticking to Flash?

Two main things for us to consider when going on a web project

  1. Whether the technology suits the purpose
  2. Whether whatever technology we use reaches the audience

Even when using Flash now, there are users who do not have Flash installed and thus, unable to view the website and some, not motivated enough to download the latest version of Flash decides not to view your website after all.

HTML 5 requires compatibility of the newer browsers to support its features. You might be surprised but many browsers are still on the old version of IE that comes shipped together with the computers that came together some 10 years back (or maybe 5).

Some interesting links and case studies about Flash and HTML 5

The key to deciding this would be to find out your target audience and is vitial in your Web Project really needs to show.

From there on, its a matter of optimizing your website to make it viewable for the bulk of your target audience, whether making it backward compatible or having alternate version to suit your audience.